VOIP Solutions

Learn about our enterprise level VOIP services that can help your business save money and improve call quality.

 Keep your phone numbers

We work with you to port over your
phone numbers with no disruption to
your business.

Phone/computer integration
Intermedia’s CallScape app provides
presence indicators, Outlook
integration, PC dialing, CRM integration
and more

Save 50% or more
By reducing your business phone
services bills, your savings quickly add
up over time

nearly 53% off your
phone costs on average.

Mobility features

Keep your mobile workforce productive
with voicemail- to -email, forwarding to
mobile phones, softphone mobile apps, and more.


Hosted PBX

Why choose us

Our mission

Business phone services are no longer just telephone services. They have evolved and are now often VoIP based and paired with unified communications  as services such as conferencing, instant messaging, email, voicemail and business SMS. This potentially saves businesses money by providing integrated features rather than disjointed business applications. 

In addition, many business VoIP services offer unlimited calling plans and low-priced international plans. A choice of hosting is often available, including on-site, cloud-based PBX and hybrid. Many also work with a mixture of IP and traditional phone lines

Our experience

Small Business Switch to Voip, to reduce cost 40%
Business switch to VOIP to Lower cost of International Calls 90%
Business utilizing Voip to reduce Start up Costs 87%

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