Logistics & Aviation,

Primarily engaged in transporting and warehousing, as well as providing IT Management for logistics services.

Financial, Insurance
and Business Services

Services based on in-depth banking and insurance industry knowledge, global expertise and strong focus on security.

Consumer Products

Setting the enterprise foundation to focus on key business imperatives to derive the right ERP strategy.

Health Care IT Support

IT support for medical industry; professionals including doctors, physicians as well as hospitals & clinics nation wide.

Construction & Real Estate Services
Construction & Real Estate IT support to ensure a solid foundation for growth.
Trucking & Manufacturing

Apollo Data Sys. provides unique technology support for manufacturing, logistics and trucking sector

Offering a Comprehensive Suite of IT Services
Tailored to Your Business Requirements, Strategies and Goals.


Security Program Advisory

Offering full Threat and Vulnerability Management

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Compliance and Advisory Services

Support organization’s performance and reporting, regulatory compliance and business value creation.

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Architecture and Implementation

SOA strategy for application integration allows a company to quickly create, consolidate and deploy services for rapidly

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